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Tiny House Ministries

Where Faith Starts To Heal

Tiny House Ministries exists to share the love of Jesus by providing tiny homes as an alternative housing solution for those in need. Matt. 25:40 We recognize the basic need for sustainable housing alternatives, and by partnering with the Church and non profit organizations we hope to end homelessness one tiny house at a time.

Tiny House Ministries is a ministry of Outreach International 501 (c)3

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A Word About Us

Tiny House Ministries is committed to helping those in need find hope and a future. We are a Christian ministry dedicated to building and providing tiny homes as an alternative housing solution in order to overcome homelessness. We believe the church body contains all the necessary tools that can help someone rehabilitate back into society. Collectively, we can help spread the Good News by providing the most basic needs and encouraging others to build a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord. As Mathew 25:40 clearly states, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Interested in working with us?

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Tiny House Build

What We Can Do

With our mission always in mind, we aim at providing tiny houses for those most vulnerable, from all walks of life. Tiny House Ministries has two main avenues to help fulfill our objective: 
(1) Securing funds via the traditional means of fundraising; for every $6,500 secured a tiny home is built and donated to someone identified as an individual of need.
(2) Church Partnership; There are over 300,000 protestant churches in America and yet there are over 550,000 people who are homeless at any given night in the U.S.  Churches across America can choose to partner with us, as we help provide the most basic need for the most vulnerable. Churches have the opportunity to sponsor one or more tiny house(s) in their community and capitalize on the gifts within their church body to help the least of these attain tiny housing and provide hope and a future.

Tiny Path Plan

One at a Time

Building tiny homes is our main strategy in demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ. However, within this ministry, our goal is to encourage the church body to wrap around the individual in need. An individualized Tiny Path Plan provides the opportunity to collectively create a clear, sustainable path forward that ensures rehabilitation. This strategy promotes a support system essential in empowering individuals to recognize their worth in Jesus Christ. For an example of a Tiny Path Plan please get in touch with us today.

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